Unli Life

Unli Life, a comedy movie starring Vhong Navarro and Wynwyn Marquez. An official entry for Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino Film Festival under the direction of Mikko Livelo and production of Regal Entertainment, Inc. Released in cinemas last August 15, 2018.

A story of Benedict (Vhong Navarro), an internet podcaster who gives love advices to his audience and when he was about to propose to his girlfriend Victoria (Wynwyn Marquez), but he got dumped instead. He found himself sober after his break up when he stumbled to a myterious night bar called "Turning Point" and met Mang Saro (Joey Marquez) the bartender. He served the broken hearted Benedict with a shot called "Wishkey" that allows any drinker to time travel. Benedict saw this as an opportunity to go back in the past and fix his mistakes, unknowingly, if he drink too much of it he will be transported into the different era of the Philippine history. Along with his time travels, he will meet the different reincarnations of his beloved Victoria and he will try several attempts to get back with her.

A movie that will catch moviegoers who loves to laugh their heart out. They will surely enjoy this movie.

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