Wander Bra

Wander Bra, a fantasy-comedy movie starring Myrtle Sarrosa, Zeus Collins and Cacai Bautista under Blue Rock Productions and directed by Joven M. Tan. Released in the cinemas last September 12, 2018.

The story of Barbara (Cacai Bautista), a simple and not so pretty girl who was given a bra. Without her knowledge what was given to her is a "wander bra". That someone who's worthy of wearing it will become a superhero. As Barbara tried the bra, she was magically turned into a beautiful and powerful superhero.

From that discovery, Barbara (Myrtle Sarrosa) will now help other people who are in trouble. Until she will meet her archenemy who has been looking for the wearer of the "wander bra".

A very comedic film that will surely makes you laugh. Alongside the hilarious comedians and punchline jokes. You will enjoy this movie.

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