Sin Island

Sin Island is a 2018 Erotic Thriller Starring Xian Lim, Coleen Garcia and Nathalie Hart. The film is directed by Gino M. Santos and is produced under Star Cinema. It premiered on February 14, 2018.

The film centres on married couple David (Xian Lim) and Kanika (Coleen Garcia). David a photographer whose blooming career was cut short due to a recent incident caught his wife having an affair with her co-worker (TJ Trinidad). Angry and hurt, David spends some time alone in Sinilaban Island (Sin Island) where he meets Tasha (Nathalie Hart) a fashion designer who was also recently in a disastrous relationship. Both Tasha and David are immediately attracted to each other and the two begin an affair. Kanika on the other hand follows David to the island to try and repair their relationship. She however finds herself in conflict with Tasha who is already in love with David.

Filming Sin Island took 8 months and production of this film has went through a lot of delays and problems. The film was in development as well a there was also problem in schedule. This film is also Nathalie Hart’s debut film as a lead actress, she has only appeared as minor characters on previous other films.

Sin Island doesn’t offer the usual cat fight between the wife and mistress. It also doesn’t offer the usual romance. This one is much more steamy, scandalous, thrilling and dangerous. Sin Island is the perfect movie for couples this valentines as it talks about love, second chances as well as to fight for your place in ones relationship.

Other cast members include; TJ Trinidad, Bernard Palanca, Dominic Ochoa, Desiree Del Valle and Nikki Valdez. Make sure to catch this movie in cinemas near you.

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