My Amnesia Girl

My Amnesia Girl Was a fantastic movie for John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga.They Have lots of baduy jokes in the movie. Their chemestry is one of the best. this movie will make you laugh, cry and fall inlove.This is my summary of the story. John Lloyd Cruz was Apollo in the movie. at first he and his Barkadas joins a blind date event. at first Apollo cannot find his dream girl, until she found Irene(Toni Gonzaga).but Irene was one of the Organizer of the event.but Apollo didn't gave up and started to talk and use some funny pick up lines.then Irene and Apollo became friends, and became more than friends. until the day of their wedding, Apollo left. and after many years they saw each other in the supermarket. they were shocked. then Irene pretended
that she has an amnesia, then Apollo never gave up and knew that he did the wrong decision to left Irene in their wedding. Apollo did all, just to be with Irene again.and after all is well, Irene told Apollo the truth that she has been pretending to have an amnesia.then Apollo left because he was angry about the revelation. then they both realize that whatever happen they still love each Apollo decided to come back, but when he is driving to go to Irene, his car was hit by another car. Irene went to the hospital to visit Apollo. but they knew that Apollo has an Amnesia. So Irene did what Apollo did to him when she pretended to have an amnesia.

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