Forever and A Day

From the Direction of one of the box office directors Ms. Cathy Garcia Molina comes “Forever and A Day” is a romance drama form Star Cinema that stars’ KC Concepcion and Sam Milby.

The story is about a man who pushes himself to the limits, a man who is always up for the challenge. He is proud. He only lives for himself. He then meets a woman one day, a woman who is more cautious in life, a woman who teaches him to embrace and appreciate life, love and all its smallest blessings. The movie started with the introduction of Sam’s character, Eugene an established guy who has a very rewarding career (Athletic shoe designer) and family. Some work related conflicts brought him to take some time off and get to enjoy his time with his friends. There he meets the girl named Raffy (KC), who seems to be completely opposite of him. Eugene is adventurous and happy-go-lucky while Raffy seems to be scared and too careful to do anything. Eugene is successful though in changing Raffy’s outlook in life as they do one death defying activity to another. Both eventually fall in love but their sad realities and secrets are pulling them apart from each other.

Forever and a Day had everything to be worthwhile movie. It had a great story, a really deep and emotional premise and surprisingly, outstanding chemistry from its lead actors. Sam’s acting in the movie is very much impressive; he showed the audience that he was not just a smiling guy. The movie also showcased the beauty of our country (Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro are the location of the movie) and mentioned the longest Zip line in Asia is in Bukidnon. Though scenes are predictable and lack of pacing as majority describes, technically cinematography has been Star Cinema’s masterpiece.

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