9 Tips to Enjoy Watching Movie in Theaters

I know this has nothing to do with a movie. but this is a huge part of watching a movie. so I'm gonna share some tips on how you can maximize the enjoyment of watching a movie in the Theaters or Cinemas. Especially in the Philippines.

Tip #1 Scheduling:
Know the schedule or time of the movie you want to watch. you dont want to arrive in th movie theater in the middle or in the end of the can get updates by the website of the movie theater ask someone if he/she knows the schedule. or you can go there and get all the schedules and decide what day and what time will you watch that movie.

Tip #2 Buy Tickets Early:
Buy your ticket at early as posible.You dont want to fall in a long line in buying your movie passes. especialy if the movie is Harry Potter or other great movies. you dont want to be in a long line then when you enter you will be in a standing position watching the movie. if posible, buy your tickets online.

Tip #3 Don't be Late:
don't come in the movie theater right on time or 10 minutes late. if posible, come 10-20 minutes early. so that you ca do tips 4 & 5.

Tip #4 Do Your Rest Room Thing : 
pee befor watching the movie. you dont want to pee in the middle of the movie and when you come back, you have missed some might have missed the best part

Tip #5 Buying of Foods: 
buy foods befor the movie starts this tip has the same point in tip # 4. you dont want to buy foods in the middle of the movie. you can miss important parts, or details of the movie.

Tip #6 Comfortable Seating: 
Find a area that comforts you from watching the movie. you might want to sit down in the delux section. or you might want to sit in the premier section. some movie theaters offers those area in 1 ticket. some movie theaters has different prices in sitting in the delux section or in the premium section. you must sit on which section comforts you the most.

Tip #7 Silent Phones:
If inside the movie theater, please and always turn your phone into silent mode. why? sometimes if somebody texted you or called you, your consentration in the movie gets lost. and its not only you, others might get distracted on the noise of your ringing cellphone.

Tip # 8 Emty Your Mind: 
You are watching a movie. so dont think any thing that can distract you. you might be thinking of your problem, or somthing that can distract you from watching the movie. there is no point in thinking something else. you are there to watch and enjoy a movie.then your thinking other things!? Useless. so emty your mind and enjoy the movie your watching.

Tip # 9 Finally:
Enjoy: Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Movie you are watching.

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