Shake Rattle & Roll 13 (Lunod, Tamawo, Parola)

The longest Filipino horror series is here with part 13 of the movie and one of the official entries of the annual Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). Shake Rattle and Roll XIII with three different and extremely scary stories."Lunod" Directed by Chris Martinez. Tamawo Directed by Richard Somes. and Parola Directed by Jerrold Tarog

  Shake, Rattle and Roll 13 is the 13th instalment of the trilogy movie and will be one of the official entries at the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival. The movie will provide complex characters with side plot stories mixed with excellent editing. The three episodes are “Rain, Rain Go away”, “Tamawo”, “Parola”.

Rain, Rain go away
“It’s about young current fear ng bawat Pilipino. Parang everytime na uulan ng malakas na papraning tayo kasi baka may mamatay o may malunod pagbumaha.” “It’s a revenge story, it’s about guilt. Hindi mo matatakasan ang kasalanan mo.”  That’s how Direk Chris Martinez describes his episode.

Rain Rain go away episode stars’ Eugene Domingo, Jay Manalo, Edgar Allan Guzman, Boots Anson Roa.

The episode deals with a man named Allan who brings his wife and stepson to a provincial ranch previously taken care of by his uncle who mysteriously died. It is there where the family experiences various encounters with supernatural creatures.

“Tamawo is very close to maligno,” he explains. “tamawo is an Ilonggo word.” As Direk Richard Somes explains his episode.

Tamawo casts Zanjoe Marudo, Maricar Reyes, Bugoy Carino, Celia Rodriguez and introducing Ervic Vijandre

From the director of “Aswang”, Direk Jerrold Tarrog makes his second appearance in the Shake Rattle and Roll 13. “Parola is completely different from Aswang which makes the visualizing easy,” Direk Jerold says. “The two other episodes are going to be helmed b two directors whom I have great respect for. With Direk Chris and Direk Richard in the line-up, I’m prepared to lie low in this instalment. I look forward in seeing their episodes.”

The story revolves inside a lighthouse that a group of friends visited. A hunted lighthouse full of horror and mystery.

The episode casts Kathryn Bernardo, Louise de los Reyes, Sam Concepcion, Hiro Magalona, Dimples Romana, Ina Reymundo, Ara Mina.

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