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As we all know Panday is a mythical hero here in the philippines. panday is a blacksmith which has a magical short sword that becomes long whenever he is in dager. this December 25, 2011. A Metro Manila Film Festival Entry (MMFF) comes Panday 2. after the success of the Panday movie which is rolled by Sen. Bong Revilla Jr., Comes this Panday 2. Obviously the part 2 of his first Panday. Last Metro Manila
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Film Festival (MMFF) Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. is together with Vic Sotto in Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote. This Action/Adventure/Romance movie will sure bring a unforgetable experience this Christmas Day. Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. with Marian Rivera will be the leading stars of this movie. together with other talented actor and actresses. This movie has many camera effects and Animation that will bring you to the time and the world of panday.also starring here as the Kontrabida is Phillip Salvador. This Movie Panday 2 is  Showing in theaters nationwide this December 25, 2011. Together with other MMFF Official Entries.

  “Ang Panday 2” is a Metro Manila Film Festival entry of GMA Films and Imus Productions starring Senator Bong Revilla Jr. and Marian Rivera. Also starring in the movie Rep. Lucy Torres Gomez, Iza Calzado, Lorna Tolentino, Eddie Garcia, and Philip Salvador. Directed by Mac Alejandre, Ang Panday 2 is set to open on theatres nationwide on Christmas Day, December 25, 2011.

  The second book of Panday revolves on how Flavio/ Panday (Bong) struggles to defeat the awakened Lizardo and how Arlana/ Bagwis (Marian) make an impact in the life of our hero.

  Sen. Bong who plays the role of Flavio, admires the beauty and acting of Marian Rivera. He requested the film producers to include Marian in the movie. And despite of Marian’s busy schedule, she managed to say yes and be part of the grandest film entry for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. She portrays the role of Arlana/ Bagwis, a beautiful lady who could transform into a dragon who’s secretly inlove with Flavio/ Panday.

   “This is the biggest movie I ever made!” Sen. Revilla said during a press visit in Laguna. “I assure you, “Ang Panday 2” is superior to “Ang Panday 1”, it took us two years to prepare “Ang Panday 2.” We improved everything from the first movie. And Iguess there shall be more sequels of the movie which we will be doing again. We are determined to make “Ang Panday 2’’ at par with Hollywood movies!”

  The production budget of the movie Ang Panday 2 is staggering, though Sen. Revilla did not reveal it. “Actually, it’s just like having two movies in one,” he added. “Hindi tayo mapapahiya.” He added in tagalong.

  The Sen. Bong and Marian team up is expected to surpass their predecessor in terms of blockbuster and cinematography.

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