Praybeyt Benjamin Movie Review

After watching Praybeyt Benjamin in theaters twice I'm gonna give you a review for this movie. I personally like this movie. its very funny and humorous. I think a lot of Filipinos who has watched this movie liked it to. its a stress relief movie, a feel good movie. the movie is not all comedy, it has action, and animations. the animations was great. its like real. Star Cinema leveled up their animation. I personally recommend you to watch this movie. its very funny and its worth it. its not a loss of your money, its very SULIT.

Praybeyt Benjamin is a story of a gay that has no interest in the military. his father was tasked to join the army because the country was in all out war. so every man in the family must join the military training and to defend the country from terrorists who kidnapped all of the generals of the country. Benjamin(Vice Ganda) tried to convice his father not to join the military because he might get hurt. but his father(Jimmy Santos) didn't listen. instead Benjamin run away and he unwillingly joined the military to save his fathers life and to defend the country. and the unkabongable journey begins.

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