Born To Love You

Star cinema and Cine Media brought to us this inspiring romantic movie of the year entitled “Born to Love You”. This movie film is the launching movie of "Pop Superstar" Angeline Quinto and the first mainstream movie headlined by "Indie Prince" Coco Martin. “Born to Love You” Again is a Romantic Comedy movie this upcoming 2012, this movie is directed by Jerome Pablocan under Star cinema and Cinema Media. The said movie is also said Quinto’s acting debut.

 “Born to Love You” is a romantic comedy about poor lass, portrayed by Angeline Quinto, who tries her best to provide the needs of her siblings by joining singing contests. In one of the singing contests she joined in, she met Martin’s character who is a photographer. The two then found themselves falling in love with each other. Conflicts, however, start when the characters of Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin’s love affair has somehow hindered Angeline Quinto in providing for her family. This is when she becomes torn between her family and her love. So it is between love and family which would she choose. It’s one of the promising romantic movie that you wouldn’t miss to watch! 

The romantic comedy film “Born To Love You”, starring Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin, will open on May 30 on cinemas and movie Theatres nationwide! Among the casts are veteran actor and actress, Albert Martinez and Eula Valdez.

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