The Mommy Returns

This Year Regal films’ has released a laugh-til-you-cry Mother’s Day offering is directed by Joel Lamang. See the Hilarious side of Pokwang in Regal Entertainment’s Mother’s Day presentation. Watch “the Mommy Returns!” which will hit the theatres this May 10 to 15 over 100 theatres nationwide. The main cast of the film is Gabby Concepcion, Ruffa Guittieres, and Pokwang, along with the best Supporting cast which made the movie more hilarious was Gloria Diaz, John Lapus, Kiray Celis, Jillian Ward, Gerald Pessigan. “The Mommy returns” is a family movie, Ruby ( Pokwang) Hwere she plays a mother and a wife who refuses to let even death separate her from her love ones. She died right on the day of her 25th wedding anniversary with hot and gorgeous Husband (Gabby Concepcion). With her untimely death, she is temporarily trapped in the so called PURGA (in short Purgatory) with his Guardian Dyoga( John Lapus, which was called the Diyosa ng Purga). 

Then Catherine ( Ruffa Guittierez) a gorgeous young women, who is much prettier come into the life of William( Gabby Concepcion). When she threaten to take Ruby’s place as a mother to her tree beloved children (Kiray, Gerald Pessigan and Jillian Ward), Hell or other term as purgatory breaks loose as Ruby escapes back to earth as a ghost to scare and drive Catherine out of the the family she left behind. 

So, brace yourselves for laughter and horror combined all in one in “The Mommy Returns!” A movie which will make Mothers Day full of laughter’s and Fun. It is shown to over 100 theatres nationwide!

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