Boy Pick Up

Another Movie has hit the Box office! With its Pick up lines and punch lines. Boy Pick up: The movie is one of the greatest comedies in time. It is produced by Regal films and GMA Films, Boy Pick-Up: The Movie is the big-screen adaptation of the popular skit in Bubble Gang called Boy Pick-Up. The Star of the movie is Ogie Alcasid, Solenn Heussaff, Dennis Trillo, Eri Neeman, Sarah Lahbati, Sam Pinto, and Michael V., under the direction of Dominic Zapata.

It is Bubble Gang skit, Boy Pick up which is portrayed by Ogie Alcasid is know to be a man with the best pick up lines. Even his line were not that funny and doesn’t make any sense at all but what makes it a massive hype because he has been fueled by the so called Boy Back-Up’s which is portrayed by Eri Neeman and all the too willing crowd. Boy Pick Up is a segment of “Bubble Gang,” the country’s longest running weekly comedy show on GMA-7. It’s not surprising at all that the segment became so popular considering the ingenuity of Ogie and Michael V. for comedies.

This movie also shows How Boy Pick up Live his life outside the pick up wars. During the underground battles, two contenders try to outwit each other by presenting the best pick-up line to Neneng B (played by Sam Pinto). The winner is determined by the crowd, which always chooses Boy Pick-Up as the champion. Despite Boy Pick up fame in reality he has his own problems. To earn money, he applies as a pastry chef in Heaven’s Bakeshop, which is owned by Angel (Solenn Heussaff).

Ogie said that he plays a character that one would hate, but somehow he manages to overcome the problem. He is an irreverent character, and even jobless in the movie! But he proves he would really be a lead actor in a movie, something he achieved after 25 years in the business.The Villain of the movie Dennis Trillo had undergo A great transformation from being a preppy nerd to an angst filled “emo” Character. Actor versatility is shown with this type of character transformation.

Other celebrities who have cameo roles also shine, including Derek Ramsay, Ian Batherson, Sef Cadayona, Victor Aliwalas, Tim Yap, Dingdong Dantes, Pepe Smith, and Lilia Cuntapay as Boy Pick-Up's mother.

It’s a fun comedy movie that is worth watching for! So what are you waiting for watch now Boy Pick-Up: The Movie to catch the best pick up lines that will make you laughs. It hits the cinema and theatres at June 6, 2012 nationwide.

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