Amorosa: The Revenge

The most awaited horror movie of the year “Amarosa; The Revenge” Star Cinema and Skylight Films’ coming psychological horror flick, Angel faces a different challenge—and she’s daunted. A family moves into a new home, hoping for a fresh start. But the house turns out to be haunted by a vengeful ghost, and the family must fend off this spirit to ensure their safety.

The main cast of the story is Angel Aquino, Empress Schuck, Enrique Gil, Martin del Rosario, Xyriel Manabat and the supporting cast are Carlo Aquino, Franco Daza, Lloyd Samartino, Nanding Josef, Nico Antonio.

Years ago, Amorosa (Angel Aquino), her husband, and her two boys Amiel and Rommel (Martin del Rosario and Enrique Gil) got into a car accident. Her husband died in the accident, leaving her alone to take care of her boys. In the present, she decides to move her family to a remote pension house. But once there, she discovers that the house is home to an angry spirit seeking revenge for sins committed years ago. And as she deals with the fear of this spirit popping up everywhere, she struggles to reconnect with Rommel, who hasn’t been the same since the accident.

Amarosa had to make a terrible choice during the accident triggering a difficult relationship with one of his sons. Her other son tried to decide for his future but his mother opposed him. Even the ghost made a painful decision in life that led to her death. It a matter of choice in life between good and bad.

This thrilling horror movie is the directed by Topel Lee under the production of Star Cinema. A movie that would definitely make you scream! Watch “Amarosa: the revenge “ a movie that you wouldn’t want to miss! It is available on movie Theatres and cinemas on August 30, 2012.

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