I Do Bidoo Bido

One of the greatest hit movies now is the "I Do Bidoo Bido" this is the first musical Filipino movie which is produce by no other than the most creative Chris Martinez. As the first Filipino production of its kind, it draws inspiration from the APO Hiking Society's hit music. This is under the production of Studio 5 and Unitel productions.

The films main cast are stars Rock Polotan (Sam Concepcion), a young, nursing student and father-to-be from a struggling household. His father is one-hit-wonder composer Pol Polotan (Ogie Alcasid) who is married to Rose (Eugene Domingo), a caterer. But before he can marry his girlfriend, Tracy Fuentebella (Tippy Dos Santos), whom was pregnant he must also woo her haciendero parents Nic and Elaine (Gary Valenciano and Zsa Zsa Padilla) and convince them that against all odds, to quote APO’s “Panalangin.

It sings heartily, offering audiences a sense of joy and fun often missing from our cinema. The movie has built a fairly incredible story out of songs. It is a narrative story of two young love and how they manage it with the people around them. It is a movie that connects the music in a much deeper way. The film’s strongest assets are Eugene Domingo and Ogie Alcasid. Domingo in particular delivers a stellar turn. She seems to really inhabit her character, her face exhibiting an entire life’s worth of disappointment in every moment. With Alcasid, she’s able to build a history that goes far beyond what’s written. With all the award winning actresses and actors on this movie you wouldn’t want to miss it!

It the first ever musical movie in the Philippines that you would want to watch, the movie is a tribute to the Apo Hiking Society whose songs “have embodied the struggles and triumphs of the Filipino in various stages of his life. Their songs also reflect the country’s collective aspirations and pining for a brighter future.” This one of a kind movie is shown on theaters and cinemas nationwide on august 29, 2012. So what are you waiting for grab tickets now!

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