“Predyider” “SR&R” franchise continues to draw screams and scare movie buffs in theaters this one of a kind horror movie is entitled “Predyider “it all boils down to a possessed refrigerator. This is actually an old movie of SR & R by the late Ismael bernal and starred by Ms. Janice De Belen. So the mother and daughter Lilli and roselle Monteverde decided to give “Pridyider” a fresh version this year and make it into a full-length horror flick with Ms. Janice De Belen a former star of this movie. It’s a reunion for the SR & R.

From its original cast, only Janice has been retained to play the part of the character that holds the key to the dark secret that surrounds the mysterious refrigerator. The refrigerator now belongs to her daughter, played by comebacking young actress Andi Eigenmann, who inherits her parents’ (Janice De Belen and husband Joel Torre’s) old house. As Tina, Andi’s character is sent abroad by her father, unaware that her parents’ marriage is suffering a serious blow. She comes home when she’s all grown up and stays in her parents’ old house. The unsuspecting Andi is oblivious to the fact that the old refrigerator is the root cause of the mysterious disappearance of people she loves. Her childhood friend (portrayed by JM de Guzman), helps Andi uncover and solve the terrifying mystery. It is a horror movie that full of suspense that would make scream!

Also in the cast are Baron Geisler, Ronnie Lazaro and Bekimon. Introducing in the film is Miss Universe runner-up Venus Raj. It’s a movie you definitely don’t want to miss! It would make you scream at the top of your throat. Watch Predyider it will be shown on cinemas and theatres this September 19,2012. So what are you waiting for? Gets your tickets now at the nearest cinema.

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