This Guys Inlove With You Mare

Star cinema presents one of the best comedy movie in the industy starring the one and only Vice ganda, with Luis Manzano and Ms. Toni Gonzaga. This comedy will sure laugh you laugh from the beginning until the end of the movie. It is directed by the one and only Wendel V. Deramas.

The story revolves with Lester (vice Ganda) who got depressed after his boyfriend Mike (Luis Manzano) whom is with him for three years leaves him for a girl named Gemma (Toni Gonzaga). In hopes of getting his macho stud back, he pretends to be a guy to court Gemma, so she would break up with Mike.

This Guy's in Love with U, Mare is about an unlikely love triangle. When Lester (Vice Ganda) caught his boyfriend (Luis Manzano) proposing marriage to Gemma (Tony Gonzaga), it seems like the whole world came crushing down on him. This is when he got the brilliant plan to sweep Gemma off her feet and steal her from his ex by making her fall for him. From then on chaos ensues.

What makes this movie okay is the abundance of smart jokes. There are many sight gags and hidden jokes in many scenes that are played with no hard effort, Vice's best scenes happen in the first half, when he's on a revenge streak. When he calms down and the movie gets dramatic, the film gets boring. The other lead characters, on the other hand, deliver shaky performances. Toni Gonzaga portrays her character to be smart, but then she fails to see Lester's true intent.

Other cast were: IC Mendoza, DJ DUrano, Ricci Chan, Lassie Marquez, Ricky Rivero, Gladys Reyes.

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