A Secret Affair

A Secret Affair, been hearing this? Third party relationships are so in nowadays in the Philippines. Director Nuel Crisostomo Naval contributed another remarkable movie that will surely make the crowd sound different. A Secret Affair, like other third party relationship-tackling movies was made for us to be reminded about the cruel reality and endeavors of life. This was not made to be focused on its superficial beauty. A Secret Affair’s ever in-demand and unfading stars Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Andi Eigenmann are again capturing the hearts and minds of the movie goers. A Secret Affair is a romance drama film that focuses to a story of three. This is a love triangle affair that will again make the public so intrigue about.

Gorgeous (Anne Curtis) played the role of Rafi, wife of a good-looking man with a well-built body and tattoos named Anton (Direk Ramsay). Anton (Direk Ramsay) and Rafi (Anne Curtis) got married after the marriage proposal a mere two months after they met. Rafi (Anne Curtis) is a rich and smart girl having a stunning beauty that everybody recognizes. Both were happy until such time Sam (Andi Eigenmann) took a part of Anton’s (Derek Ramsay) attention. Sam (Andi Eigenmann), is a woman who cares none at all about life. Sam (Andi Eigenmann) is an easygoing and disobedient daughter of a construction tycoon trying to escape from all her mischief. Sam (Andi Eigenmann) unexpectedly meets a guy (Derek Ramsay) who made her realized a thought and make her change her outlooks towards life. Her vulnerability brought her so damn in love with Anton and came to a point that she’s already destroying the marriage of two.

Other movie casts includes Jaclyn Jose as Ellen and Joel Torre as Jimmy, parents of Rafi (Anne Curtis), Jackie Lou Blanco as Cate and Johnny Revilla as Manuel as parents of Sam (Andi Eigenmann), Jill Yulo as Katie, Say Alonzo as Paula, Petra Mahalimuyak as Marielle, Gee-Ann Abraham as Aimee, IC Mendoza as Miggy and Shy Carlos as May. Be part of the reacting buddies about betrayal and unfaithful relationships. Witness how sophisticated all the characters are. Learn new remarkable lines how to nag the mistress of your partners. A Secret Affair in more than 200 theaters nationwide, scheduled on the 24th of October, 2012 produced by Viva Films. This is a rated R-13 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. Much awaited and shouldn’t be missed!

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