Status: It’s Complicated

This will never be unusual! “Status: It’s Complicated” movie will hit the big screen on November 6, 2013! Catch the tandem of jake Cuenca and Maja Salvador as they show a different flavor of love story. This is a movie about relationship and courtship. Status: It’s Complicated will also feature Paulo Avelino, Solenn Eussaff and the comedy crazy, Eugene Domingo! This Filipino romantic comedy movie is proudly brought to us and produced by Regal Films directed by Cris Mendez.

This is not the first time that Salvador and Cuenca will be paired up. They have been together in the fantasyerse “Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko” year 2006 and “Villa Estrella” a horror film. It’s been a great honor to both in making this film. The story goes between these people having a very complicated relationship status. Salvador plays a “a bit maldita girl” in this film. Watch out for the twists of fun of this movie. It will surely make you stomach cramp and fall in love as well. This is something new! This is a film that everybody could relate to. How about you? Is your status complicated?

Everyone! Don’t forget to buy your tickets on time! Catch “Status: It’s Complicated” this coming Nov. 6, 2013 on theat*ers nationwide! Enjoy!

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