" Bob Ong’s “ABNKKBSNPLAko? The Movie”

Last February 19, 2014, Bob Ong’s number one bestselling book ABNKKBSNPLAko?, publish years ago was made into a movie and successfully hit the big market of the Philippines. It made a remarkable and undeniably terrific impact to everyone! Bob Ong’s “ABNKKBSNPLAko? The Movie” was rated as excellent by many readers and garnered positive opinions. This was produced by Viva Films and MVP Entertainment directed by Direct Mark Meily.

The main cast Jericho Rosales played the role of Berto Ong (Bob Ong). He portrayed and depicted a very good and obedient student in his time. He studies well, follows his teacher’s instructions, with a little insanity sometimes towards school. Berto Ong (Rosales) met his “Special Someone” while schooling in the person of Andi Eigenmann who made him fall in love, cry, hope, fall in love again and finally got hurt when she left. This movie is a teacher’s bet story, a teacher’s enemy, story of a real and typical Filipino student, in short a story of everything! It was generalized that from 80’s to 90’s until today, 20’s and beyond, students have the same traits towards their education. This is a crazy reminder about how are we going to deal with our student’s life. This movie teaches good things about life. Let us bring to mind our own experiences through this epic movie art of the year.

Other supporting casts includes Vandolp Quizon as Ulo, Meg Imperial as Porchia and Andi Eigenman as “Special Somone” and a lot more!

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