Maria Leonora Teresa

Ready yourself as the all out horror movie event will scare. Where cute dolls will come to life and frighten you in the big screen in the movie “Maria Leonora Teresa.” The film is named after Guy and Pips doll of the same name. In this case the dolls were separated into and named Maria, Leonora, and Teresa respectively. Iza Calzado, Zanjoe Marudo, and Jodi Sta. Maria will star on the horror film as the parents of the dolls possessed by somewhat a sinister. Maria Leonora Teresa is produced by Star Cinema and directed by Wenn V. Deramas.

The movie is about three parents in which their children mean the whole world to them. Faith Pardo (Iza Clazado), the mother of Maria (Rhed Bustamante) , is the owner of the school where the three kids were studying. Julio Sacdalan, the adoptive father of Leonora (Jonicka Cyleen Movido), is a gay man in which he treated and raised Leonora as his own. Stella de Castro ( Jodi Sta. Maria) comes from a happy and wealthy family and is the loving mother of Leonora (Juvy Lyn Bison). The three were devastated as their children come to a sudden death when their bus from a field trip had a tragic accident. The three parents Faith, Julio, and Stella mourned for the deaths of their daughters Maria, Leonora, and Teresa respectively. Then a psychiatrist offered the three dolls which is said to be for the fast recovery from the devastation. The dolls that were given to them were somewhat a sinister. Afterwards their lives were not the same. The dolls that is said to be for the fast recovery became a nightmare. Their lives are now filled with fear and with no assurance. Will they get rid of the dolls? Will the horror of their lives come to an end? Catch “Maria Leonora Teresa” on September 17, 2014 in theaters nationwide.

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