Feng Shui 2

The long wait is over, after a decade the blockbuster horror film Feng Shui will finally have a sequel. It means the infamous Lotus Feet is back. Yes … What you have read is right. Lotus Feet is back to scare you in Christmas day. It will again be directed by the master horror film maker, The Chito Roño. Then the queen of all media, Ms. Kris Aquino is back to star on Feng Shui 2 together with Ms. Cherry Pie Picache and Coco Martin. This Movie will certainly thrill your Christmas day as it is one of the entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival. So be ready for the horror that lotus feet will give you spice up your Christmas celebration and watch Feng Shui 2.

The second segment of the story adds up a new owner of the bagua (a Chinese Symbol). Lester Anonuevo (Coco Martin) is a low wealth citizen and lives in the squatter’s area with his family. Everyday Lester welcomes her mother’s whining about living a low life. He works as a thief to sustain his family’s needs, until one day he stole a Bagua. Starting that day their lives turned upside down. Their lifestyle changed, they moved to a bigger and better house, and his Father was promoted in his job. Little do they know they are in a deep curse that is caused by the bagua that he stole. The bad luck has begun and the curse suddenly affected their lives. The previous owners of the bagua together with Lester was assembled by the curse of it. Will the owners stop the cursed before the curse can get to them? Will they ever live in a peaceful life again? Catch Feng Shui 2 in Cinemas on December 25, 2014.

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