Para sa Hopeless Romantic

Good news! James Reid and Nadine Lustre a.k.a. Jadine will again star on a new romantic movie Para sa Hopeless Romantic. Finally, Jadine fans, the long wait has paid off as their upcoming movie is getting closer and closer so hold on tight. To those who doesn’t know, Jadine has already made two romantic blockbuster movies namely Ang Diary ng Panget and Talk Back and You’re Dead which are both based on wattpad books of the same title. Well….. Their upcoming movie is still based on a book but is not from wattpad anymore. It is actually one of the best-selling romantic novel in the country. The book with the same title is written by Marcelo Satos III. Moving on, the movie will be directed by Andoy Ranay same director of the two films mentioned above.

Para sa Hopeless Romantic is a film about different love stories of different people and of different situations. One who’s afraid to fall in love, one who hopes for her happy ending, one who waits for someone one to comeback, one who wants to move on, and one who hopes for a soul mate and destiny. Becca (Nadine Lustre) who is a hopeless romantic believes in true love. Then she mets Nikko (James Reid) that will win her heart but then with sudden events Nikko grew cold on Becca which results to their breakup. Due to a broken heart, Becca wrote a depressing love story to vent out her emotions. From their Julia Barreto and IƱigo Pascula’s character which are Maria and Ryan will portray a different love story in which Becca wrote. Will there ever be a happy ending in their stories? Will Becca move on from the hurt she is suffering? Also joining the cast are Shy Carlos a
nd AJ Mulach. The movie is set to air on May 13, 2015.

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