The Breakup Play List

Have you ever been this situation before?`
This movie overwhelmed a lot viewers and spectators because of its natural spice. Gino (Piolo Pascual) was a rock singer who collaborated with an aspiring professional singer Trixie (Sarah Geronimo). And eventually developed feelings for each other as they go on with their companionship.`
Trixie (Geronimo) was a talented law student and was invited by Gino (Pascual) to join his band. Their collaboration soon resulted to a sweet and unique up-side-down love story. However, just like a usual and a normal relationships, they have faced numerous challenges within their relationship. They have experienced lots of personal difficulties in life, love and their careers. Tough and serious matters came their way. But because of the foundation they have internally, they have amended and made the best and the most possible things out of it to make it better. The film was not just about all seriousness and struggles. There were heavy and over-emotional scenes that will surely tear your hearts apart too. It was a combination of happiness, sadness, sacrifices and all. There were reconciliations and there happy moments.`
The story was about romance, semi-comedy, drama as it emphasizes music. It contained remarkable hugot lines coming from the artists and it also captured the movie-goers attention. The Breakup Play List focuses on dealing with relationship and life. That all relationship will come into a point of discouragements and choices.`
The film was a great experiment under Star Cinema and VIVA Films production, carefully and meticulously directed by Dan Villegas. This is the first ever tandem of Geronimo and Pascual and the result was a big bang! The viewers were more than satisfied of the uniqueness of the movie. The movie garnered lots of wonderful compliments coming from their co-artists and fans. 'The Breakup Playlist' was another success as it tops and was decalired as one of the block buster movie this year! Hurrah!`

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