Wang Fam

Get ready to laugh and be scared by Pokwang and the rest of the gang in this latest comedy-horror offering, “Wang Fam”. The movie is directed by Wenn V. Deramas and this fact alone already gives enough clues that it is something worth your time, effort, and money to see it on the big screens on November 18, 2015.

It may seem like a parody or a Pinoy version of “Adams Family”, yet this movie has more than to offer to all who long to laugh out loud and give out a frightening yell at the same time. There is the family element as well that will surely touch the hearts of the viewers. Written by Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario, “Wang Fam” features the story of an Aswang family that consists Malou Wang (Pokwang), Bu Wang (Benjie Paras), Duke Wang (Andre Paras), Cala Wang (Abby Bautista), and Vey Wang (Alonzo Muhlach).

Adding to the things to watch out for in this 2015 comedy-horror film is the third-time movie team-up of Andre Paras and Yassi Pressman. As one of the hottest loveteams in the Philippines today, Andre and Yassi will definitely bring the movie’s comic and scary elements into a whole new level. Other stars joining the film’s powerhouse cast include Wendell Ramos, Candy Pangilinan, Atak Arana, and Joey Paras.

Pokwang and Benjie Paras recently portrayed the role of a husband and wife in the recently aired ABS-CBN inspirational drama series, “Nathaniel”, and so it’s a surprise that they happen to do the role of a couple again, but this time, in a very different story genre. There’s no doubt their team-up will come out naturally as they both showcase their acting prowess as veteran comedians. Opens in theaters nationwide on November 18, “Wang Fam” is a great post-Halloween to all avid fans of Pinoy comedy as well as of comic horror.

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