Love Is Blind

This Valentines’ season, Regal Entertainment proudly brings a wacky romantic comedy offering for all hopeless romantics and everyone madly in love out there. Truly this movie has a lot to offer for people longing for something fresh and worth watching as the “Day of Hearts” draw near. Instead of sticking to cheesy and dramatic romantic films, why not try one that’s not normally being featured during this kind of season?

“Love Is Blind”, as the title obviously describes, is mainly a rom-com that tackles about an unlikely love story of a couple that most people view as a mismatch or something beyond what is normal. Although it is primarily intended to make people laugh out loud and fall in love at the same time, it also includes heartwarming scenes that feature the harsh realities of life, particularly when it comes to romantic love life. In other words, this Valentine movie is not just an ordinary romantic comedy flick and that’s why watching it is surely a good choice for spending the sweet date with your special someone.

Watch out how one of the country’s hottest drama actors, Derek Ramsay, and of Philippines’ most sought after actresses with a goddess beauty, Solenn Heusaff, create a bone-chilling, hair-electrifying chemistry with every scene they share as lead stars of this Valentine film. Of course, what makes this rom-com movie more appealing is the exceptional portrayal of Chyna Ortaleza, Kean Cipriano, and Kiray Celis in their respective roles in this movie.

Regal Entertainment has worked with several innovative artists and production houses in order to come up with something beyond the stereotypes when it comes to Valentine movies. Directed and written by Jason Paul Laxamana, “Love Is Blind” will be starting to hit the big screens all over the Philippines on February 10, 2016.

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