My Candidate

Here’s a very timely movie plot coming this election season from Quantum Films. After his successful Valentine movie with gorgeous actress Solenn Heusaff, recently hailed MMFF Best Actor, Derek Ramsay, will be portraying the role of a politician in “My Candidate” wherein he will be teaming up for the very first time with two of the most well-loved actresses of today, Iza Calzado and Shaina Magdayao. Surely this political-themed romantic comedy has a number of new and unique things that Filipino moviegoers should not dare to miss.

The story of “My Candidate” basically revolves around the quest of Congressman Sonny Suarez (Derek Ramsay) in obtaining a Senatorial position as a way to uphold his father’s legacy. However, one of his toughest rivals happens to be his ex-girlfriend, Vera Sanchez (Iza Calzado), who is a self-made congresswoman. What makes the story more complicated is the involvement of the wacky young lady, Billie (Shaina Magdayao), who was hired Sonny as communications coach to teach him how to appear more “charming, tactful, and charismatic”. As the story progresses, Sonny and Billie eventually find themselves getting into a romantic relationship, which is being hindered by the political activities they got into and also, by the differences between their respective lifestyles.

Directed by Quark Henares, this romantic comedy movie also stars Tirso Cruz III, as well as many other prominent stars in the Philippine cinema. This is something unusual for Filipino viewers, since politics and romance are rarely being mixed together in a talk. Anyway, one of the most intriguing questions about this movie is ‘will Sonny and Billie end up as a romantic couple or will Sonny and Vera get a second chance on their broken relationship?’. These and more are to find out on May 11, 2016, when “My Candidate” hits the silver screens nationwide.

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