Dark Room

The first horror movie of 2017, Pedring Lopez' Darkroom, starring Ella Cruz, Bret Jackson, AJ Muhlach, Donnalyn Bartolome, Andrew Muhlach, Rose Van Ginkel, Caleb Santos, Samanthe Capulong, Jack Reid, Lander Vera-Perez and Abby Bautista. Directed by Pedring Lopez under Viva Films and released last January 18, 2017.

A drama-horror movie story of a group embarking a journey of video-filming documentary of themselves and ending up in a house haunted by a priest who possess one of the group. Then the bloody killings starts. One by one of the group members is killed and its recorded by their own videos.

A bloody and horrific movie of Pedring Lopez indeed. Candid it may be at first but if you see it in your own eyes, be prepared to scream at the top of your lungs and run for your lives.
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