Mang Kepweng Returns

The remake of the 1979 movie Mang Kepweng is here, Vhong Navarro plays the role of the iconic funny albularyo. Produced by Cineko Productions and Viva Films with the direction of Giuseppe Bede Sampedro. Released in the cinemas last January 4, 2017.

An ordinary guy named by Kiefer (Vhong Navarro) living a simple life when suddenly he can see ghosts and other elemental creatures. Asking his mother, played by Jacklyn Jose, what is happening to him. Only to discover that he is the son of the late Mang Kepweng. Kiefer was determined to know more of him, he seek his half brother Zach ( James Blanco). As they meet, he discover that the wife of his brother is mysteriously ill. Zach gave him a magical healing scarf worn by their father. Kiefer used it to her sister-in-law and she was healed. Now that he has the ability to heal and fight the evil spirits he encounters. Now, the journey of the new Mang Kepweng begins.

The movie depicts how funny Vhong Navarro is, from his jokes and moves the comedian comes out of him. The special effects is commendable as well because it's not too corny compared to Enteng Kabisote sequel. Even though it's not an original story it still funny and I recommend it for all movie goers out there.

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