Seklusyon a horror film entry in MMFF 2016, starring Ronnie Alonte, Phoebe Walker, Rhed Bustamante, Dominic Roque, Lou Veloso and Neil Ryan Sese. Directed by Erik Matti under the production of Reality Entertainment released last December 25, 2016.

A story way back in year 1947, a girl with a miraculous healing powers named by Anghela Sta. Ana (Rhed Bustamante) caught the eyes of a curious priest, Padre Ricardo ( Neil Ryan Sese) and he starts to investigate about her and her assistant, Sister Cecilia. And then an accident happened that put the life of Anghela in danger. So the bishop decided to moved them in a secluded church and Padre Ricardo followed them as well. The church was taken care by Sandoval ( Lou Veloso) an excommunicated priest.

In that same place, a four aspiring priests Miguel ( Ronnie Alonte) , Fabian ( Dominic Roque), Marco (John Vic de Guzman) and Carlo (JR Versales) is undertaking a seclusion ritual for seven days, a final step in becoming a priest. The mystery starts as Anghela showed her miraculous works to those present in that place. They begun experiencing evil tempting them.

On the other hand, Padre Ricardo discovered the real identity of Sister Cecilia, a rape victim before and Anghela being an orphan, originally her name is Ngahela which means a devil reincarnate. He immediately went to the bishop to reveal his finding unfortunately Sandoval killed the bishop and they proceeded to stop Anghela. Arriving to the secluded church, Padre Ricardo confronts Anghela but he was burned to death. Miguel witnessing everything, he took Anghela to a room where she revealed everything and her evil intentions. And finding out that Anghela is the daughter of Miguel and her ex lover Erina. Then surprisingly, Miguel stabbed the girl and left. The other three aspiring priest was ordained and blessed by the devil pretending to be the bishop.

This story is a revelation of being a horror movie itself, no need for exaggerated visual effects or whatsoever . It will give you goosebumps and make you scream as well. Depicting that miracles way back then are not that easy to believe and needed to be proven first which can be apply in some cases in the present time.

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