The Super Parental Guardians

Another hilarious and entertaining movie, the Super Parental Guardians , released last November 30, 2016. Starring Vice Ganda as Arci and Coco Martin as Paco, their stoy revolves on how the two main characters becomes an odd parents of the two abandoned children (Arwa Briguela and Onyok, Pineda) after the death of Sarah played by Matet de Leon.

This film was produced by Star Cinema under the direction of Bb. Joyce Bernal. A Box Office Hit as soon it was released in the cinemas. The movie was declared as the Top Grossing Film as of January 3, 2017, where it reached 590.1 million php.

The movie uplifts the spirits of the viewers and tickled their funny bones. It is comical, Vice Ganda- Coco Martin tandem again justifies their title as an actor. The newly child star of comedy Arwa and Onyok proved themselves as well, who knew these two surprisingly good. Somehow it deviate the attention of the Filipino people despite of what is happening in the society, a good laugh can ease your pain away. Aside from the punch lines and 'hugot', the movie emphasizes the love for family and how family protects each other, blood related or not. That really symbolizes how a Filipino family is.

Laughter is the best medicine as they say. So, if you want to enjoy and forget your problem even just few hours, I recommend you to watch, The Super Parental Guardians.

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