Vince and Kath and James

One of the entries in MMFF 2016, Vince & Kath & James a teen love story starring Julia Barreto, Joshua Garcia and Ronnie Alonte. Directed by Theodore Boborol and produced by ABS-CBN Films Productions.

A story of Kath (Julia Barreto), a popular girl in the campus who's just not a pretty face but also have brains. Everyone admire her, and winning a campus pageant made her even more popular. This catches the attention of the two cousins Vince ( Joshua Garcia) and James ( Ronnie Alonte) that both have secret crush on Kath. These two have opposite personalities, Vince the good boy and James the varsity player.

In order to get notice by Kath, James pursued Vince to be his bridge to her through text because he knew Kath only replies to Vince. And Vince agreed to his cousin unwillingly. Then, he texted Kath first while not revealing his true identity. Kath on the other hand has no intention to reply during that time because she's busy with her brother who's having a circumcision. Mistakenly, she sent a message asking about her brother to Vince's number. From then, the two cousins, grab this opportunity to have a text conversations with her. And so the texts continues between Kath and Vince who is pretending to be James.

After a long time, James told his cousin that he is ready to meet Kath personally. This broke Vince's heart. Sacrificing his own feeling to the girl he have been texting for James. At the end, Kath and James end up meeting each other, leaving Vince alone and sad.

The usual story of two guys having feelings on the same girl but only one can win her heart. The real love here, is where Vince sacrifices for his cousin, showing that love for a family member still exists and can't be compared. Blood is thicker than water indeed.

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