Northern Lights: A Journey To Love

Northern Lights: A Journey To Love, a romantic-drama movie starring Piolo Pascual, Yen Santos and Raikko Mateo under the direction of Dondon Santos and the collaboration of Regal Entertainment, Star Cinema and Spring Films. It was released last March 29, 2017.

The story of the film is about two people, searching something in life and will meet in one place. Charlie (Piolo Pascual), a Filipino immigrant living in Alaska with his parents, leaving behind his pregnant girlfriend (Maricar Reyes). But his heart broke when he found out that his girlfriend already have a new man. After that, he went back to Alaska and lived life promiscuously.

All of a sudden, a news came to Charlie, that his former girlfriend is dying and she will be sending their son, Charlie Jr. ( Raikko Mateo) to him. Having no idea how to raise a child. Along Charlie Jr. way to his father, he met Angel (Yen Santos) in a plane flight. There she became his travel companion. All of them met up in Alaska and started a journey that will make an impact in their lives.

An extraordinary story and spectacular setting that this movie offers. Beautiful aurora borealis scenes and a new tandem, Piolo Pascual and Yen Santos. It is a much awaited movie that is for everyone. It is not just a common love story, but more deeper than that, and it how a father's love is shown, despite of a tragic beginning. I recommend this movie and hope all the viewers will be amazed.

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