Woke Up Like This

Woke Up Like This, is a comedy movie starring Lovi Poe and Vhong Navarro. It is directed by John Elbert Ferrer and under the production of Regal Films. Releasing date is August 23, 2017 in cinemas nationwide.

A hilarious story of Both Sabrina (Lovi Poe) and Nando (Vhong Navarro) living their individual and stereotypical lives. Sabrina a beautiful commercial model while Nando a hunk, talented basketball player. Both of them will be intertwined by destiny as their bodies exchanged one night after their birthday. Then the two must find a way to come back to their respective bodies before it’s too late. But how?

Get ready for a series of punch lines and gags from Lovi and Vhong that will make you laugh hard. The two will showcase their comedian side learning the ways of how the opposite sex acts as their bodies are exchange. A must watch for those who wants a good laugh.

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