100 Tula Para Kay Stella

100 Tula Para Kay Stella is a romantic film directed by Jason Paul Laxamana starring Bela Padilla and JC Santos under the production of Viva Vilms and released August 16, 2017 in cinemas.

Back in 2004 in Pampanga, Freshmen College students Fidel Lansangan (JC Santos) and Stella Puno (Bela Padilla) both in pursuing bachelor’s degree in Psychology became friends despite of their different personalities. Fidel has a speech impediment but doesn’t stop him from being an honor student and loves poetry while Stella is a rocker chick and prefers to jam with her band leaving her studies. As the two partake the college life, Fidel finds himself falling in love with Stella, then he begins to write poems for her and he kept these for four years because he don’t have enough courage to tell Stella his true feelings towards her. Stella on the other hand, had various relationships and focuses on pursuing a recording contract with her band. Will Fidel reads his poems to Stella before it’s too late?

The story revolves in their four years college life and how the love of Fidel for Stella builds up within those years. Hopes he gathered courage to tell Stella and show her how he expressed his love for her. A beautiful story of love of two unusual persons and best portrayal of the characters. I recommend this movie for those who prefer a unique and not so common love story that will touch your heart.

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