The Debutantes

A horror-thriller movie, The Debutantes, starring Sue Ramirez, Miles Ocampo, Michelle Vito, Jane de Leon, Chanel Morales and Paolo Gumabao. Directed by Prime Cruz under the productions of Regal Entertainment Inc. and The Idea First Company released October 4, 2017.

A story of a lonely and strange girl Kate (Sue Ramirez) who wants to gain friendship from Lara (Miles Ocampo), Jenny (Jane de Leon), Candice (Michelle Vito) and Shayne (Chanel Morales). Lara having a good heart, decided to reach out for Kate and invited her in a party. But the other girls didn’t buy it and planned a scheme to make Kate embarrassed publicly. And they succeed doing so but Kate on the other hand started to have strange dreams about the girls dying. She tried warning her friends but they perceived it untrue and they ignored it. Thus the killing starts, one by one the girls experienced a thrilling encounters that will kill them before they become 18 years old and one of them must find a way to break the curse.

For those who loves horror films and adrenaline rush I recommend The Debutantes. Fresh faces of the new generation of actresses and portrayed a believable scare that will make you scream.

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