Walwal is a 2018 Coming of Age teen romantic comedy starring an ensemble cast of Elmo Magalona, Kiko Estrada, Donny Pangilinan, Jerome Ponce, Kisses Delavin, Devon Seron, Jane De Leon, Sophia Serenon, Ricardo Cepeda and Angeli Bayani. It is Directed by Jose Javier Reyes and Produced by Regal Entertainments. It Premiered on June 27, 2018

The film follows 4 best friends Dondi (Elmo Magalona), Marco (Kiko Estrada), Intoy (Jerome Ponce) and Bobby (Donny Pangilinan). The film follows each characters as they go through their own dilemma. Dondi is frustrated with the fact that his father forces him to study law and to top it off his girlfriend breaks up with him. Marco is an all around playboy but problems arise after he got a girl (Devon Seron) pregnant. Intoy is struggling as an athletic scholar his struggles doesn’t end there however as he is also looking for his long lost father. And lastly, Bobby an aspiring film director is being forced by his father to manage their business instead of pursuing a film career.

The movie gives insight about the millennials. About the struggles and thoughts of this generation. It also gives an idea that millennials are not all about selfies and partying and the usual’s about how millinnials are always portrayed be. This movie also hopes to give an idea on parents about how hard it is to be a teenager in this day and age.

Walwal is the debut movie of Kisses Delavin, Donny Pangilinan and Sophia Serenon. It also serves as Devon Seron and Kiko Estrada’s. Walwal is relatable movie for everyone of all ages its highly entertaining and very interesting. This is the movie of choice you can watch with your friends as you can all relate to it but this is also the movie you can watch with your parents to give them an inside look of the millennials today. Make sure to catch Walwal in cinemas near you.

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