No Other Woman

No Other Woman is another adult romance drama that has been unleashed by Star Cinema and Viva Films. The movie composed of Anne Curtis, Christine Reyes, and Dereck Ramsay. This film is under the direction of Direk Ruel Bayani.

A movie with a storyline of a husband cheating on his wife formulaic, particularly with Filipino viewers used to romantic dramas that come complete with scathing repartees and frightful catfights. No Other Woman is a tale of a man’s journey towards building a career and a family that he can competently provide for, but along the way, his ambition and reputation are tarnished by a single adulterous act. Ram (Derek Ramsay) seems to have a perfect life. His furniture business career just received
interest from a big client. In the process, Ram met Cara (Anne Curtis), a young woman who has shown extra interest on Ram, and the latter soon found out that she is the daughter of his client. Cara attempts Ram into having an affair without feelings and Ram eventually gives in. The affair is soon discovered by Sharmaine (Christine Reyes) and she decided she needs to fight for her husband’s love.

No Other Woman has been Graded A by Cinema Evaluation Board, and rated R-13 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. The movie does not rant or rave against extra marital affairs. Instead, the film makes the audience comprehend how and why a man is led to cheat and deceive his wife. The film does not crucify the husband and the mistress. Rather, it presents them whole- as beautiful, enthralling, provocative human beings who also fall prey to each other’s emotional and physical inadequacies.

No Other Woman has two clashing styles. Those are an allusion to the two female personas in the movie. One side is the perfect housewife, serious, settled and straightforward. The other is carefree, happy-go-lucky and fun to be with.

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