Once A Princess

Here’s to all Enrich fans, Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales are having a comeback on the big screen. It’s been three years since the two last teamed up in a movie and now they are reunited with their new film "Once a Princess." "Once a Princess” is based on a popular book and it is the best-selling novel of Precious Hearts Romances. Compared to their last movie, Enchong and Erich are playing a more mature role so expect more of the drama. The movie is revolving on three persons who are challenged by life and love. The film is co-produced by Skylight and Regal Films and is directed by no other than Laurice Guillen. Joining the cast are Matt Evans, Nikki Valdez, Bryan Santos, Tippy Dos Santos, Angel Aquino, Bing Pimentel, Ian Veneracion, Ramon Christopher and Eda Nolan.

"Once a Princess" centers on the most popular girl in the school who is living a life like of a princess and that girl is named Erin Almeda (Erich Gonzales). Erin has it all, the fame, the looks, the friends, and the money. On their high school days Erin played with the innocent heart of their school geek, Leonard Jamieson (Enchong Dee). After she got to know him, Erin starts to fall in love with Leonard but she ended their relationship before her feelings got involved. Years after, the princess who once had it all has nothing left. The company of Erin’s father suffered from bankruptcy since then her lifestyle shifted down. Erin turned out to be married with Damian (JC de Vera). Subsequently Erin and Leonard's paths crossed and at that time Leonard is already rich because he became a successful scientist while Erin is suffering from a low-life-lifestyle. Afterwards, things got complicated and their life starts to be difficult. Then Erin realizes that she is married to the man that she doesn't love. What will happen next? Will she leave her husband or will she stay? Find out for yourself and catch "Once a Princess" in theaters nationwide on August 6, 2014.

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