Trophy Wife

From the producers of "No Other Woman", "A Secret Affai", and "When The love Is Gone" Introduces a new romance drama film that will surely make your rainy day sizzle, the film 'Trophy Wife'. The movie is produced by Viva Films and co-produced by Multivision Pictures. Starring in the film are Ctistine Reyes and Derek Ramsay, which also starred in "No Other Woman" and they will be joined by Heart Evangelista and John Estrada. In the film, we will see a new image of Heart Evangelista, adding new kicks in her career. In her first ever daring and sexy role, she will do scenes that she has never done before. Meanwhile, it is Cristine Reyes' third time to star in this kind of film genre. The movie is directed by Andoy Ranay, same director that directed "Ang Diary ng panget" and "When The Love is Gone."

The movie revolves on the four major characters namely Cristine Reyes, Derek Ramsay, Heart Evangelista and John Estrada. On the trailer, Sammy (John Estrada) introduces his wife Lani (Cristine Reyes) to his little brother Chino (Derek Ramsay). Chino was shocked to find out that his brother is married to Lani, to a woman with whom he had a romantic past. Chino then doubts Lani's conviction to Sammy and the doubts turned to be true as Lani seduces Chino throughout the trailer despite that she is married and Chino has a comitted relationship with Gwen (Heart Evangelista). A scene subesequently is shown that Lani has been plotting a scheme to her revenge to Chino, which includes marrying his brother Sammy. In the time being, Gwen appears to be an accomplice of Lani's scheme. A scene shown in where they are somewhat on a coffee shop discussing on their partners and on how they should stick to the plan they have worked on for a year. The movie is about love, lies, and deceit. A story of a woman you cannot trust, but cannot resist to love. Joining the cast are Jaime Fabregas, Jackie Lou Blanco, G. Toengi, Jovic Monsod,.Kian Kazemi, Clint Bondad, Jay Roa, John James Uy, Phoebe Walker, Akiko Orita, and Creesha Galvero.

"Trophy Wife" will be on theaters nationwide on July 23, 2014.

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