Extra Service

Extra service, action-comedy film this 2017 starring Arci Munoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola. Directed by Chris Martinez and produced by Skylight Films and Star Cinema.

A demure massage therapist by day, Aw (Arci Munoz), Em (Coleen Garcia) and Gee (Jessy Mendiola) and a secret agent by night. These sexy heroes were given a great mission in exchange of their freedom from being agents. Partaking the journey in retrieving the precious 'Perlas ng Silangan' the three ladies encountered trials along the way in their mission as well in their love affairs.

It's a movie without any impact on the viewers and just focuses on the three main characters flaunting their sexiness. A need for improvement, because there's more than the story if they could had dug deeper. On the bright side, the punchlines are plain funny and makes you giggle somehow. Other reviews such in Rappler, Francis Joseph Cruz quoted "Everything is just half-baked."

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