Ilawod, a suspense-horror movie starring Iza Calzado and Ian Veneracion. Directed by Dan Villegas under Quantum Films out in the cinemas last January 18, 2017.

The story revolves around to Ian Veneracion character, a reporter-journalist assigned to an exorcism case in a certain barrio for television purposes. He interviewed the people there asking what kind of element possesses a human. It was called 'ilawod' by the villagers and it consumes the human souls.

Back to the city, where the character of Ian lives with his family, Iza Calzado his wife and their two kids played by Harvey Bautista and Xyriel Manabat. They portrays a happy modern family. Until a strange girl appears (Therese Malvar) and tries to connect to their son making his sister alone and scared. Then there's a change in the fathers behavior towards his wife and some strange manifestations of a strange presence to all the members.

It is a suspense movie that makes you wonder what will happen in the next scene. You'll be grabbing the arms of the person next to you and scream. It's a good movie with good actors in it. Curious of the ending, how will the family stops the 'ilawod' eating souls of humans or they will be just another victim of it.

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