Oro, another independent movie based on a true story of the murder case of four miners in Gata, Caramoan, Camarines Sur by Sagip Kalikasan Task force last 2014. The movie was starred by Irma Adlawan (awarded as Best Actress) , Mercedes Cabral and Joem Bascon. One of the entries in MMFF 2016 released last December 25, 2016. Directed by Alvin Yapan and produced by Feliz Film Productions.

The story begin in a simple life of gold miners making a living. Elmer, played by Joem Bascon, a former rebel finding way to change his way of life, joins and works hard to earn more, so that he can marry her girlfriend Letty (Sue Prado). And then an armed group claiming to be an environment task force sent by the government arrived in their peaceful village and making all miners to stop their work because it destroys nature. The captain of the village played by Irma Adlawan claims that her people are not doing something wrong, they're just simply making a living. The armed task force are immovable, they threatened the villagers and ended up killing 4 miners. They villagers were alarmed and afraid, not knowing what to do and how they can fight against the armed group to attain justice of their fellow miners.

The movie showed the injustice occurred to the miners in Gata, Camarines Sur. That some groups abuses the power and privilege given to them by the government in order to destroy other people's life. Whatever their motives is, it portrays how a human being can be violent in order to gain more for themselves. It makes an impact in our society because it is happening and the voices of the victims cannot be heard. It's a good thing this movie was made to opened the eyes of the viewers. A tragic lesson for all Filipinos out there.

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