Stars versus Me

They came from the most famous house in the country, we saw them, we followed their every move, and we witnessed their struggles and growth inside the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house. After the PBB All in edition the two have been busy with their TV projects. We first saw them in "Hawak Kamay" and now in "O. My G." They already made an episode in "MMK" separately and she has made several episodes on "Ipaglaban Mo". So who am I referring to? Its Manolo Pedrosa and Maris Racal. And why am I writing about them? because they are having their first movie ever. The two are having their movie debut this June. The movie is entitled “Stars Versus Me” in which is the movie adaptation of a book with the same name published by Mindmaster Publishing House. The movie is directed by Joven Tan and is produced by Tandem. Joining the cast are Matet de Leon, Dennis Padilla, Gio Alvarez, Arlene Mulach, Jennie Desiderio, Kiray Celis, and Ms. Rita Avila.

Do you believe in fortune? Do you believe in horoscopes? Do you believe in your fate? What if it interferes with your heart? What will you choose? Your heart or the stars? Introducing Manolo Pedrosa and Maris Racal in the romcom movie “Stars versus Me.” The Character of Maris here believes in fortune telling in every move, action, or decision she is making she consults it first to the fortune teller. She grew up to be a believer because she was influenced by her mother (Matet de Leon). Until One day, she met her love interest, Manolo’s character, and everything went out of order. She is torn between her heart and the stars. Where should she listen? Will she listen to what her heart is saying or will she listen to what the stars are telling? Catch it on cinemas nationwide on June 3, 2015.

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