Always Be My Maybe

Valentines season is not yet over. In fact, Star Cinema is proud to announce their upcoming post-Valentine offering, which will be starring Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz. "Always Be My Maybe" is absolutely the movie all fans of romantic stories would never ever dare to miss. This is actually a very fresh collaboration since Gerald Anderson will be teaming up for the very first time with Arci Muñoz. Plus, this movie is another level-up project for them as they take a more mature role in a more mature romantic setting.

Following to the success of his recent movie "Everyday I Love You", Gerald Anderson steps into another milestone in his career as one of today's most successful leading men, both in TV and in film. He has never failed to surprise his fans with his acting performances. Tagged as the Philippine's Action-Drama Prince, Gerald Anderson also remains strong and calm despite the circling issues regarding his personal life. Surely, many fans are very excited to see him teaming up with one of today's most sought after leading ladies, Arci Muñoz, who recently gets a lot and of praises for her acting prowess that she showcased in ABS-CBN's top-rating primetime TV series, "Pasion de Amor".

From the award-winning director who brought box-office romantic films like "She's The One", "English Only, Please", "The Breakup Playlist", and "#WalangForever", another excellent movie of this genre is about to be seen in theaters all over the country. There's no doubt Director Dan Villegas will be receiving positive remarks once again with his latest offering, "Always Be My Maybe". This post-Valentine romantic movie will be shown nationwide on February 24, 2016. It's definitely worth the wait for eager fans and worth the time, effort and money for those who would be watching this one of a kind romantic movie in the big screens.

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